Here, you`ll find your special steel

Here, in our modern warehouse in Düsseldorf, we have large amounts of materials in stock. If we don`t have a material in stock, we will fall back on our big international network of dealers, manufacturers, smiths and machining companies. Thus, we`ll make sure that your request won`t fall by the wayside.

Should the material you desire not be included, please contact us anyway! We' ll find a solution.


Material Category:

Material Description HDIN / EN US-Standard  
3.7114 Titanium. more TiAl5Sn2,5 request
3.7124 Titanium. more TiCu2 request
3.7144 Titanium. more Ti6-2-4-2 request
3.7145 Titanium. more Ti6-2-4-2 request
3.7154 Titanium. more TiAl6Zr5 request
3.7164 Titanium. more TiAl6V4 request
3.7165 Titanium. more TiAl6V4 request
3.7225 Titanium. more TitanGrade11 request
3.7235 Titanium. more TitanGrade7 request