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1.3343 Expertise around material 1.3343 & other material steel If you need a material made of... more
1.3505 The material 1.3505 is a chrmium alloy bearing steel. 1.3505 is widely used and is used... more
1.3520 The material 1.3520 is a chromium-manganese alloy bearing steel. more
1.3536 The material 1.3536 is a chromium-molybdenum alloy bearing steel. more
1.3813 The material 1.3813 is more rust and acid resistant.1.3813 is an amagnetic material. Often... more
1.3817 The material 1.3817 is a rust and acid-resistant steel 1.3817 is non-magnetic. more
1.3952 Grade 1.3952 is a stainless austenintic and amagnetic steel grade. 1.3952is highly... more
1.3964 Grade 1.3964 is a stainless austenintic and amagnetic steel grade. 1.3964 is corrosion... more
1.3974 1.3974 is an austenitic Cr-NiMo-N steel. The alloy X2CrNiMoNNb23-17-6-3 is resistant to... more
1.3980 The material 1.3980 is an amagnetic steel with low thermal expansion. 1.3980 is usually... more

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